Let’s have roll call. 現在來點名.
Did you oversleep? 你是不是睡過頭了?
Come inside. 進教室囉.
Everyone come back now, quickly. 大家快點回來.

It’s time for class. 上課了.
Hurry up so we can start lesson. 快一點,我們要開始上課了.
Clean the blackboard. 把黑板擦一擦.
Put down the screen. 把螢幕拉下來.
Draw the curtains. 把窗簾拉起來.
Plug in the microphone/projector. 把麥克風/投影機的電源插上.
Switch on/off the microphone/projector. 把麥克風/投影機打開/關掉.
Please turn on/off the light and fans. 請開/關燈和電扇.
Take out your textbook/pen. 拿出你的課本/筆
Did you forget to bring your textbook/pen? 你是不是忘了帶你的課本/筆?
Would you mind sharing with her/him? 你介意跟她/他一起看嗎?
Open your textbook. 打開你的課本.
Please turn to Page 1. 請翻到第1頁.
Open it up to the inside.翻開內頁.
Let’s stop here now. 這堂課就上到這裡.
Let’s continue working on the lesson later. 我們等一下再繼續這一課.
Put your book/shoes in the shelf/shoe case. 把書/鞋子放在書櫃/鞋櫃裡.
Put them in order. 照順序排好.
You may have a 10-minute break. 你們可以休息10分鐘.
Time to go home. 放學了.
Pack up your books. 把書收起來.
Push your chair in. 把椅子靠攏.
Straighten your desk. 把桌子對齊.
Try not to make any noise as you leave. 離開的時候不要製造噪音.
Other classes are still working. 其他班級還在上課.
Lower your voices! 小聲一點!
Kate, how will you go home today? Kate, 你今天要怎麼回家?

I’d like to make a new seating arrangement. 我要重新排座位.
Kate, you’ll sit in front of Jessica. Kate, 你坐在Jessica前面.
Kate, you’ll sit next to Gisele. Kate, 你坐在在Gisele旁邊.
Kate, you’ll sit behind Penelope. Kate, 你坐在在Penelope後面.

Everyone take one copy/worksheet. 每個人拿1份影本/學習單.
There is one page in each copy/worksheet. 每份影本有1頁.
Is there anyone without a copy/worksheet? 有沒有人沒拿到影本/學習單?
Can some of you share? 有的人可不可以跟別人一起看?

Don’t wander off on your own. 不要發呆.
Don’t just sit there daydreaming. 不要坐在那裡發呆.
What are you looking at? 你在看什麼?
Don’t stare out the window. 不要看窗戶外面.
Try to concentrate now. 現在專心一點.
You can go play when you finish. 等你寫好了你就可以去玩.
Give it to me and you can go. 交給我就可以走了.
It’s nap time. 午睡時間到了.
Put your head down. 趴下來.
Close your eyes. 眼睛閉起來.

Move in a little bit. 移動一下.
Don’t block the way/door. 別擋住路/門.
Let me through, please. 借過一下.
Line up! 排好隊
Stand still! 站好.
Don’t move! 不要動.
Eyes to the front. 眼睛看前面.
Don’t push. 不要推來推去.

Turn on/off the faucet. 把水龍頭打開/關起來.
Don’t let the water run. 不要讓水一直流.
Clean the windows. 擦窗戶.
Sweep the floor. 掃地.
Mop the floor. 拖地.
Flush the toilet. 沖馬桶.
Don’t slip on the wet floor. 地板濕濕的, 不要跌倒了.
Mind your step. 小心跌倒.
Don’t bump the table. 不要撞到桌子.
Don’t litter. 不要亂丟垃圾.
Pick up the garbage. 把垃圾撿起來.
Don’t play in the hallway. 不要在走廊上玩.
Play on the playground. 去操場玩.
Don’t make a mess. 不要弄得亂七八糟的.

Wipe your mouth. 把嘴巴擦一擦.
Cover your mouth when you cough. 咳嗽的時候要把嘴巴摀起來.
Don’t pick up your nose. 不要挖鼻孔.
Go get a tissue. 去拿衛生紙.
Blow your nose. 擤一下鼻涕.
Zip up your fly. 把拉鍊拉起來.
Check out a mirror. 去照一下鏡子.
Are you feeling sick? 你是不是不舒服?
Rest your head on your desk for a while. 趴在桌上休息一下.
Look at you! 看看你怎麼搞的!
Who hit you? 誰打你?
Nothing? Don’t try to fool me. 沒事? 別想騙我.
Go stand in the corner for a while. 去角落罰站.

Look at this picture. 看這張圖.
Can those in the back see it clearly? 坐在後面的看得清楚嗎?
Tell me what you see in this picture. 告訴我你在這張圖裡看到什麼?
How do you say this in English? 這個的英文怎麼說?
Say it in English, please. 請用英文說.
Listen and repeat. 聽, 然後跟著我說.
Watch my mouth. 看我的嘴型.
See the difference between the ‘th’ and ‘s’ sounds? 有沒有看到‘th’和‘s’不一樣?
Let’s say ‘thing’ and ‘sing’ so that they don’t get mixed up. 我們一起來說’thing’和‘sing’, 不要搞混了.
Do you get it? 懂嗎?
How do you spell ‘tea’? ‘tea’怎麼拼?
You have one letter missing. 你少了1個字母.
Copy/write down these words on your paper. 把這些字抄/寫在你的紙上.
Write it again. 再寫一次.
Let’s read the sentence/article on page 1. 我們一起來念第1頁的句子/文章.
Let’s listen to the conversation on the CD. 我們一起來聽CD裡的對話.
Louder, please. 請大聲一點.
Let’s read them one more time. 我們再念一次.
Are there any volunteers to read the sentence? 有誰要自願念這個句子?
Who would like to read the sentence? 有誰想要念這個句子?
Kate, will you read this sentence ‘……’? Kate, 請你念這個句子好嗎, ‘……’ ?
Would you say the word again? 請你再把這個字說一次好嗎?
Let’s make some sentences now. 我們來造句.
Make a sentence with the word ‘tea’. 用 ‘tea’ 這個字來造句.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 別怕出錯.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word. 假如你不是全部的字都懂的話沒有關係.
Just guess if you are not sure. 不確定的話就猜猜看.
There’s some room for improvement. 還有進步的空間.
You can do better than this. 你可以做得更好.
You need more practice with these words. 你需要多練習這些字.
Brilliant! Excellent! Terrific! 很棒!

Can you draw a rectangle in the air with your finger? 你會在空中畫一個長方形嗎?
Point to the rectangle. 指出長方形.
Fold the paper (in half). 把紙對摺.
Cut the paper into strips. 把紙剪成長條狀.
Show your work to the class. 把你的作品拿給全班看.
Come up and write your answer on the blackboard. 上來把答案寫在黑板上.
All done? 好了嗎?
Are you done? 好了嗎?
Move to one side so everyone can see. 移過去一點大家才看得到.
Let me check your answer/work. 讓我看看你的答案/作品.
Everyone, what do you think? 大家覺得咧?
Can anyone point out the mistake? 誰可以指出哪裡錯了?
Let’s give her/him a big hand. 請給她/他掌聲鼓勵.

This table sits 6. 這張桌子可以坐6個人.
Sit in a circle around me. 繞著我圍成一圈來坐.
Let’s listen to the song on the CD. 我們一起來聽CD裡的歌.
Let’s all sing together! 大家一起唱.
Let’s do some actions. 我們來做一些動作.
We’ll play a game. 我們來玩遊戲.
Make two lines. Girls against boys. 排成2排. 女生跟男生分開.
Pass the ball on down the line. 把球傳下去.
Now let’s start from the beginning again. 現在我們從頭開始再來1遍.
Raise your hand. 舉手.
Put on your ears. 拉耳朵.
Touch your nose. 摸鼻子.
Clap your hands. 拍手.

Kate, give out the workbooks, please. Kate, 把作業簿發下去.
Do exercise 1 on page 1 in your workbook now. 現在做作業簿第1頁的第1大題.
Fill in the blank with a suitable word. 把適當的字填進空格裡.
Write neatly. 要寫整齊.
Correct each other’s answers. 對一下別人的答案.
Don’t discuss it with others. 不要跟別人討論.
Work on your own. 自己做.
Try to do it by yourself. 自己試試看.
I’d like to collect the workbooks in 30 minutes. 30分鐘之內我要收作業簿.
You have plenty of time to finish. 你們有很多時間可以寫完.

Put your transparency on the projector. 把你的投影片放在投影機上.
You may start your presentation. 你可以開始報告了.
Don’t put the microphone too close to your mouth. 麥克風不要靠嘴巴太近.
Watch out! Don’t trip over the power cable. 小心, 不要被電線絆倒了.

Let’s take a test. 現在來考試.
Put away your books. 把課本收起來
Read/listen to the instructions carefully. 仔細看/聽規則.
Don’t look at others’ paper. 不要看別人的考卷.
Keep your eyes on your own work. 眼睛看自己的考卷.
Don’t whisper the answers. 不要把答案念出來.
Don’t show the answers to anyone. 不要把答案拿給別人看.
One more minute. Everyone check your answers. 還有1分鐘. 每個人檢查一下答案.
Remember to write your name at the top of the sheet. 記得在考卷上方寫名字.
Time’s up. Pens down. 時間到. 把筆放下.
Stop writing now. 不要再寫了.
Pass your sheets to the front. 把考卷傳到前面來.
Is there anyone who hasn’t turned in her or his sheet? 還有誰沒交考卷?

Stop arguing. 不要吵了.
Did you copy her/his homework? 你是不是抄她/他的功課?
You’ll be the bottom of the class. 你會變全班最後一名喔.

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